Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Zodiac Killer Escapes!

    Zodiac Killer Has Been In Jail Since 2020 And He Is Now Again On The Lose! Authorities Have Sent Out A Few Prison Gaurds To Crack Him Again He Has Been Yet To Be Found.

    Zodiac Killer Has Killed 12 People When He Escaped And Has Even Robbed A Person Using A Shoot Gun Killing The Dudes Wife. He HAs Also Stolen Someone’s Car. A Person In Northern California Caught This Footage And Sended It To The Police And The Person Who Caught The Footage Tried Killing Zodiac Killer Only To Kill Himself.

    Zodiac Killer Is The Most Unknown Serial Killer In All Of America And No One Knows How he Escaped, Maybe A Gaurd Fell Asleep? He Got A Secret Key in His Pocket? No One Knows…

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