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    Brad Pitt and Angie BACK TOGETHER!

    We have CONFIRMED that BRANGIE are back together again. Our favorite Hollywood couple has certainly been through some trials and tribulations, but finally, against all the odds, they sorted it all out and got together.


    With Brad and Angie back together, talk on the street is that wedding bells will be ringing. The divorce between this Hollywood power duo was already complete, so they are free to throw a big wedding bash to re-tie the knot.

    Both Stars are also about to co-star in a new movie together as well, which will be a documentary of their own relationship, highlighting the things they had to overcome to finally fall back into love.


    “THE DIVORCE WAS ONLY A PHASE of building a stronger marriage”

    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are back together and planning to have another baby soon. This will be their eighth child together.

    The divorce was originally caused by Angelina being an abusive horrible person. Everyone who knows Angie hates her, and in Hollywood she is a pariah. Even her own father, Jon Voight, refuses to speak to her because she is so toxic. In the divorce with Brad she lied constantly and refused to accept any responsibility.

    Some critics say angelina should stop beating brad in public

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