Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Gordon Ramsay Changes To A Twitch Streamer!

    Gordon Ramsay Has Announced He Has Changed To A Twitch Streamer And He Now Plays Games Like Fortnite, Minecraft And Even GTA 5. He Says Its Fun To Have A Gaming Job Is Hard By Himse- Just Kidding!

    Him Confessing He Is A Gamer.

    He Doesn’t Do It by Himself. He Has A Team Who Edits, Edits And Edits What He Plays! He Uses A Facecam But Wait? How Do They Edit It If They Are On Twitch Live? Well…

    He Has A YT Channel To! And does Many Fun Minecraft Lets Plays. He Just Plays GTA 5 To Boss People And Snipes In Fortnite But Whos Replacing Him For Cooking? The Vegan Teacher Is!

    This Is The Vegan Teacher Excited And Mad At Gordon For Taking A Juicy Bite Out Of A Burger.

    They Have Also Announced That Vegan Teacher Is The Replacement So Eat Your Vegetables!

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