Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Preston Playz Feud with Typical Gamer

    Preston Playz And Typical Gamer are top enemies. They usually try to prank each other all the time. Preston Playz actually started his house on fire.

    So when the news came out that somebody gets to be in the SONIC movie, they both wanted the job.

    This Is Zendaya ,Preston And Typical Gamer

    They Were Desperate To Get The Job But Typical Gamer Was Doing More And more Epic Stuff And Preston Married Zendaya Again and Preston Won Because The Person Who Hosted It Really Liked Gaming And Zendaya.

    He Then got Hired For The Job But He Was Sad Because He Got The Role Of Ugly Sonic But He Was Still not Happy At All And Zendaya Then Dumped Him.

    Preston Being Sad For Being An Animal In A Costume Acting Like A Furry

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