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    The fluffy pig snorter

    The fluffy pig snorter has a loud snort attack that can keep you up all night. But once they stop snorting you may think that you are you safe and sound to go to sleep, But then it’s gonna let out the loudest and longest snort attack that you just want to give up on sleeping.Its also so powerful it can even snort while they’re awake!

    The fluffy pig snorter sleeping

    Its scrunched up face looks like its always mad but they have different feelings to!

    But if you do come across a fluffy pig snorter and it seems to be mad, hungry or angry it may try to strike so give it all the treats you got or else, they will give you NO MURCY!

    Another attack it can do is the stink blast. You definitely want to watch out for this attack, Because it’s one of its deadly attacks. They may seem happy but they won’t for get that one time you ate food in front of their face not even offering any at all.

    So for its revenge it will create a deadly gas called the stink blast that can knock you out in seconds!

    the fluffy pig snorter thinking about the time you ate in front of their face

    But, if you do manage to escape it will come out as its final form, The curly wagger. the curl on the end of its body will start wagging constantly (that’s the time you should start running) It may give you a head start but then the fluffy pig snorter will bolt toward you and it may even look like their flying.

    Those are basics of a fluffy pig snorter and I may come out with more!

    So go check some more articles while I make some more of these funny, cute animal articles!

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