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    When are Celebrity Obsessions Healthy?

    Some of us read about celebs every day, in fact it seems even more important than sleeping or eating. We drink our wine coolers and continue on because there’s always a new scoop. But how can we recognize a possible unhealthy obsession with celebrity news?

    There was no warning of when i crossed the line

    1. If you follow a celebrity in real life, or sneak into their houses, you have already crossed the red line into an unhealthy obsession with celebrities. You need to carefully analyze the direction you are going in.
    2. If you spend OVER eight hours on an average day, reading nothing but celebrity news, you need to dial it down with your addiction.
    3. Remember that celebrities used to be regular humans like you or me. Underneath all the Gucci clothes they are still flesh and blood. So try to temper your feelings.
    4. Girl superstars will never date you so just forget about it!


    Above all, when controlling the addiction, remember to drink plenty of fluids.

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