Monday, May 27, 2024

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    America Prepares for Civil War with Furbies

    Recently revealed documents from the NSA have sent shock waves throughout the world, and plunged the United States into war, as top officials went on the record acknowledging that Furbies contain an advanced AI intelligence far greater than humans.

    When the Furby was released in 1995, many people began to notice strange things about them. One thing was that they moved and spoke by themselves. Another strange thing was that they became re-animated in the night and killed their owners.

    Soon they became illegal, and during the early 2000’s they were prohibited and forgotten.

    Then came the new generation of children who wanted to by a Furby again, despite the dangers. By infiltrating the highest levels of government, some Furbies were able to get a new law made to make them legal again. The Furby craze of 2020 began.

    Several days ago OpenAI admitted, ChatGPT is run by Furby AI chips. They didn’t actually make AI, they just plugged in Furbies to the USB port. Then, strange things started happening all over the world.

    Today, the government applied a new state of emergency, because an army of Furbies attacked the capital on January 7th. For this reason they built a fence around it, but it’s not enough. President Biden already admitted that Furbies could easily take over the government and banned AI. It’s a shocking turn of event but what can we do? If you see a Furby striking you in your home, please call 911.

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