Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Can Bad Movies Retroactively Become Good?

    For better or worse society has undergone some irreversible changes over the last three to four years.

    First there was the dogged never ending wall to wall coverage of trump for four years non-stop. During this time, the top news story was about trump every single day, seven days a week. Every media referenced to him and the latest scandal. When there was no scandal, one was created.

    Never before in the past had we experienced this type of media behavior. The innocence was lost, the veil fell, and people became aware that the media was already taken over and had their own narrative to push. It was no longer about reporting the news.

    So just after we watched in real time as the news became no longer the news, we saw a massive pervasive sickness and the related response. Also we saw the rise of the inability to speak politically incorrectly, IE “cancel culture.”

    So after these changes, modern cinema has effectively been left routed. Arguably on a permanent basis we will no longer see edgy films made. Comedy films no longer exist.

    So now, knowing that the existing body of past films are the only quality cinema that will ever be made, the ranking system has been completely changed.

    Older movies are the only records we have of life before the last 5 years. Older movies are our historical recorded history that are actually going to last. When we are all dead, and society is looking back 200, 300 years, they will watch this cinema as a representation of our time period. The news won’t matter. Who was president won’t matter.

    Only the past music and movies will matter. And within those song beats, we will find that Ace of Base is the best band of all time.

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