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    Archaeologists are Struggling to Explain why they Found a Hieroglyph for “Syringe”

    Up until now it was commonly assumed that vaccines were discovered during World War II, when Hitler conscripted the most advanced scientific minds of the era, and used them to run experiments on captive Jews. But now those assumptions are up for debate.

    Archaeologists in Egypt today found what’s being described as an ancient hieroglyph which signifies syringe. Drawn on the pyramid walls,  these ancient vaccines are pictured being injected into children, before they mutate into wolves.

    Historians were initially flummoxed upon being shown the findings, but they have now begun to understand how ancient Egyptians accomplished the task. “Because they were the most advanced rock sculptors in the world, it’s possible they were able to carve syringes from unrefined ore,” says Jay Karl, President of the National History Library. “The injections would have been painful, but the technology existed.”

    The discovery is also expected to cast a new light on the vial of dark liquid that was found clutched in the hands of the King Tut mummy. Researchers are now tasked with recreating the same vaccinations used by ancient Egyptians, and they’ll begin by injecting the dark liquid into volunteers to, “see what happens.”

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