Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Iphone 15 Will Solve the Climate Crisis

    A lot has been written about the climate change which will kill everyone on earth in only a few years. The earth has been getting hotter and hotter and soon we will cook alive.

    But Apple has teamed up with the government to solve the problem.

    The new iPhone will track all behavior that damages Mother Earth and report it into the police.

    For example; did you use a plastic bag at the grocery store? Did you use a plastic straw? The iPhone 15 will immediately record the illegal behavior to be used in a court of law against you.

    But this protection is not free. In order to pay for the tracking and monitoring, the iPhone will come with a monthly $100 fee.

    2023 is exciting for many reasons. Hundreds of prison camps have been opened by FEMA all over the USA, to house the families that are trying to destroy the planet.

    There they can be gently re-educated until they believe everything they are told.

    The number one cause of pollution in the world is private jets, but we cannot do anything about that. So we must move on to the number 340 most important thing, which is plastic straws.

    The laws change every day, in fact they change every minute. Most of what you do today will be illegal tomorrow. For these reasons it is recommended to always call 911 before doing any action. Film everything you do so that it may be used in court.

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