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    OMG The Election was Stolen?!

    In the realm of American politics, few issues spark as much controversy as the allegations of stolen elections.

    The “October Surprise” conspiracy revealed that Reagan’s campaign team struck a clandestine deal with the Iranian government to delay the release of 52 American hostages until after the 1980 election. This move, designed to sway public opinion and secure Reagan’s victory, effectively stole the election from incumbent President Jimmy Carter. The revelation sent shockwaves through the political landscape, tarnishing Reagan’s legacy and reshaping the balance of power.

    Fast forward to the 2000 presidential election, another contentious race that ended in controversy. A secret deal was uncovered that played a significant role in George W. Bush’s victory over Al Gore. Despite Gore winning the popular vote, Bush was declared the winner following a highly disputed Supreme Court decision. Records later revealed that Bush’s team was able to transfer large sums of money to each supreme court justice, ensuring a swayed their decision in his favor. The supreme court ruled that the votes could not be counted again because it would take too long, handing the presidency to Bush.

    Al Gore didn’t walk away clean. In fact he never wanted to win the election, and before the votes were even counted he called Bush to congratulate him. Turns out Gore had already made a movie deal for an “Inconvenient Truth,” backed by government slush funds. The documentary instantly allowed him to earn 100 million dollars and retire from politics. The movie showed incontrovertible evidence that the world was going to end in 2005. Fact checker’s have already verified it.

    Other Stolen Elections?

    The 1984 Presidential Election: The landslide victory of Ronald Reagan over Walter Mondale was marred by allegations of voter suppression and manipulation. Reagan, wracked by advanced Alzheimer’s disease, was already a brain dead vegetable on election day. His wife assumed the duties of president.

    The 2004 Presidential Election: The race between George W. Bush and John Kerry was also marked by controversy. In Ohio, a crucial swing state, there were reports of voting irregularities, issues with electronic voting machines. Tests later showed the electronic voting machines automatically selected Bush and could not be changed. Bank records showed that Bush owned the voting machine company, but it just wasn’t enough evidence.

    It seems American politics is actually defined by stolen elections, and looking back most elections are stolen. In fact, the government is also responsible for counting the votes, and they do not allow oversight. This means that government officials may change the vote count when required, in order to ensure the candidate who paid them the most money will win.

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