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    Why Bilderberg Traffics Humans

    The Bilderberg meeting is an auction of humans that are captured all over the world. Some are rare species or races of humans with skills such as playing piano or cooking.

    “Bilderberg,” is the group of elite rich people who control the world using slaves.

    In the movie “taken” with Liam Neeson, his daughter is kidnapped and sold on the auction at Bilderberg. But in real life nobody attacks and spoils the party. Arresting elite rich people or attacking them is illegal. They are permitted to do anything they want because they own France.

    A lot of women and skilled people get sold on the Bilderberg human auction. It has been going since 1954 or maybe longer. You can donate to the group on their website and support their activity to capture people, just like pokemon!

    Ashley Judd doesn’t like the traffickers

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