Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Jan 6 AOC Leads Live Executions

    Today begins the live executions of January 6 prisoners who tried to take over the US government.

    It was a dark day in history, when Donald Trump sent his minions to attack the nations capital building.

    Police open fired on the unarmed intruders but it was not enough, and soon a few of them entered into the capital building. There they used the computer in Nancy Pelosi’s office to conduct illegal business.

    400 Unarmed protesters were killed that day, and over 3000 people were arrested. The arrests also included people who were not at the capital. Some people were watching the attack on television which is also illegal, and they were arrested at home.

    Now the terrorists are imprisoned safely. Most have died in custody. The remaining Jan 6 terrorists will be executed live on CNN and none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be there to pull the switch.

    AOC insisted that she wanted to be the “boss” of executions, and so they will let her flip the switch on the electrocutions, and the prisoners that have chosen the lethal injection, well she will inject them herself. She is a nurse and a doctor and our gift from heaven.

    Some people have complained that the Jan 6 protestors are treated unfairly, because they were unarmed and did no damage. They were imprisoned without food or water and many died. They were fired upon by police and then medical treatment was barred. But legally the government can do anything it wants, and they already decided the story of protestors are terrorists and it’s too late to change the narrative.

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