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    The Art of Getting Things Done

    We all struggle to get things done sometimes, so here are some tips to finally finishing the to-do list!

    • Combine All the To-Do lists together into one large to do list.
    • Review the large to-do list and break it into small manageable parts. Repeat.

    By following this simple rinse and repeat method, you will find that everything gets finished on time. Here are some more tips to solving the problem:

    1. Get a notebook which you carry with you.
    2. Get the notes off of your phone, on to hard copy.
    3. Do not trust technology.
    4. Do not trust books.
    5. Try to remember that a task is never forgotten.

    It’s the most terrifying experience most of us will ever have: thinking of an important task that we need to do in the middle of the night. So should you hop out of bed, turn on the light, find a notebook and paper, and write it down?


    Important tasks that you think of in the night time will be remembered. Feel confident knowing that, if it is really that important, you are not going to forget about it. Now you can rest in peace.

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