Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Dj Snake Was Killed For Being Too Popular!

    Fans Of Dj Snake Have Been Telling People He Has Died From A Serial Killer Who Thought That He Was So Popular He Wanted To Kill Him And Steal The Formula From Him.

    Why Did He Do This?

    Fans Of Dj Wanted To Find Out So They Dug Deeper On His Wiki And You Won’t Believe What They Found…

    They Found Out he Died In A Mafia That Was Going On For 16 Years And Died From Zodiac Killer And A Guy Recorded The Steal After Zodiac Killer Went In His Car!

    People Are Now Going Crazy When They Figured This Out So They Spreaded The Fact And The Person Who Recorded The Whole Crime Scene Was Told After 2 Months Of The Mafia Ending.

    He Was Throwing A Party And One Of his Friends Were Spreading The Fact But The Dude Who Recorded It Who Was Named Matt Wellington Knew they Were A Fan Of Dj Snake

    Later That Night He Looked Up “Dj Snake Mafia” And Found Lots Of News Articles Because Joe Biden Found Out This Had Happened. A Person Spreading The Gossip Rumors Also Said He Could’ve Been The Killer Because he Had Never Done Anything?

    But What?

    People Are Hating On The Video Who Said He Killed Dj Snake But He Confirmed This Wasn’t True On His Main Channel.

    So The Question Leaves,

    Was Zodiac A Fan? Of Dj Snake? The Answer Is No. He Killed Him So he Could Steal The Formula Of The DVD On Music To Write The Whole Storyboard On His Side And People Still Don’t Believe Him Because everyone Knows He Didn’t Make The Song. He Tried To Name It Crime Killer But The Government Arrested Him 2 Days Later On July 8th Of 2022.

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