Monday, May 27, 2024

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    Drug Tasting Acid Alcohol Makes People Die Worldwide

    There Is A Acid Type That Is So Powerful That It Can Disintegrate Your Whole Body Into A Million Pieces. And That Acid Is Called Hydraulic Supernatural Acid That Can Shiver Bones And Even Goes In Your Brain, And That’s How Someone On The Black Market Made This Product…

    There Was A Man Named Wralph Williams That Made Metal, Steel , Alcoholic Grape Juice , Garlic Butter And Acid Made This Hydraulic Supernatural Acid Potion That Had Super Vicious Fumes That It Can Effect Your Body So Badly It Can Kill You.

    The Last Spoon Of Acid Until Cancelled.

    This Drink Was Soon Cancelled But 19,763,032 People Died From This Acid Because Acid Can Kill You Right If Its Normal Right? But People Trick Each Other With Jiggly Acid From Walmart And Some Even Put Slime In It To Pretend Their Friend Is Dying But They Really Aren’t.

    But The Garlic Butter Infects The Brain And Vocal Chords, The Metal And Steel Have Powers To Disolve Garlic Butter Killing Most With A Bone Disorder Called “Boney Phony” That Is Only Used At A Necessary Time For Pun When Your Friend Dies Or Just An Unfunny Joke At Their Funeral.

    The Alcoholic Grape Juice, You Know. They Just Died A An Alarming Rate 20 Miles An Hour. Citric Acids Have Also Been Used To But Have Been Cancelled For The Same “Druggy” Reason. Light Up Someone’s Day And Show Them This Article.

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