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    Why Real Dragons Went Extinct

    Dragons used to roam the skies freely hundreds of years ago, but now they don’t exist, like the dodo bird. They became extinct just like dinosaurs and whales. But how did they get erased from the world?

    Dragon’s in real life did not blow fire for a long time. The chemicals inside their stomach that spray out to make the fire, depleted quickly. If a dragon blew a large amount of fire, it could only sustain the flame for 20-30 seconds.

    Dragons became legendary to kill, everyone wanted a dragon head on their wall. Entire kingdoms of people grouped together to hunt and kill dragons for sport.

    It is a sad history, because just like wooly mammoths, dragons are large but easy to kill with spears. Dragons were not as strong as shown in Game of Throwns. And their flames can not knock down a rock building. That is just retarded.

    So yes obviously dragons were real, because they are pictured all throughout history in every book. There are drawings and stories about them. In the Bible, dragons appear multiple times. Millions of people witnessed dragons.

    Another reason why dragons became extinct was because of their slow mating habits. A dragon could live 300 years, but have a baby egg only every 50 years or less. Dragons spawn at a very slow rate. Compared to the rate humans were hunting and killing the dragons, they had no chance.

    Some people are sad there are no more dragons, but there are also no more dinosaurs. The pterodactyl was the predecessor to the dragon. Dragons were cold blooded creatures which hate a phosphorous diet in order to help their digestive system generate the flammable chemicals required.

    Dragon’s had a diet of large mammals such as dear, because they cooked them in a few moments of flame then ate them whole with their bones like a snake.

    Dragons are interesting and were real according to history. Some people don’t believe in dragons so we should ostracize them. Send this story to your friends if they also like dragons as much as me.

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